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National Post - From 1973 to 2013: Blowing the whistle on Chile’s 1973 brutality

Book Review: The Technology of Political Control - 1977

The American Institute for Free Labour Development - 1978

Caribbean Contact: Rasta, Christ and Marx by Joseph Owen s.j. 1978

Natural Resource Control: The Case of Caribbean Oil - 1979

Canada's Space Research Corporation exports arms to South Africa via Antigua - 1977-79

Toward Agricultural Self-reliance in Grenada: An Alternative Model - 1985

Book Review: The Caribbean After Grenada 1985

Green Gold: Bananas and Dependency in the Eastern Caribbean, LAB 1985

After Grenada: Militarization, Human Rights and the Threat to Caribbean Democracy 1986

Book Review: "The Trade Trap" - 1992

CUSO Coalitions Study - 1993

Book Review: "Fair Trade: Reform and Realities in the International Trading System" - 1994

Some notes on the Information Revolution - 1994

A History of Fair Trade Labels - 1995

Business lessons from fair trade - 1996

Fair Trade - Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ October 1998

Dear Diary: G20 Protests, Ottawa, November 16-17, 2001

Citizens Panel on Policing and the Community 2002

Ottawa Witness Group - Protect the Right to Protest 2002-2004

Chile: The Long Flight - CBC Radio January 2004 - 30 minute documentary by Bob Carty

Dear Diary: The French Decroissance March, July 2-3, 2005

Bob's Degrowth/Decroissance Page

Bob's Degrowth/Slowcialism Page

Entropy for Dummies, 3 March 2009

Proposed Degrowth Book Outline November 2009

Fair Trade: A successful social innovation - But is it enough? (Dec.2010)

Guardian: The walk to Gold Mine Lake (Mar.2011)

Letter from Paris 11 October 2011

Pachakuti: Indigenous Perspectives on Degrowth (Dec.2011)

Degrowth: The Mauss that roared (Oct.2012)

Bob's photos of Can Decreix (Aug/Sept 2013)

Bob's reflections on Can Decreix 25 October 2013

Richard Swift's CBC Ideas documentary "The Degrowth Paradigm" December 2013

Canadian Journalists for Free Expression 2013 Integrity Award December 4, 2013

Richard Swift's CBC Ideas documentary "The Degrowth Paradigm" December 13, 2013

A draft "buen vivir" bibliography 2014

The Transition to a Post-Capitalist World 2017 (PDF file)

Notes on the Information Revolution 2020 (PDF file)

The Information Revolution and Human Learning 2023

AI_the_threats_and_the_promises (PDF file)

Mike Cooley's Learning Curve and AI (PDF file)

Revolutionary Roads Bobs draft notes 7june24 (PDF file)