Kinder, Lydenberg, Domini & Co.

"KLD was founded in 1989 by Peter Kinder, Steve Lydenberg and Amy Domini. They offer institutional investors easy-to-use, comprehensive and accurate social research on U.S. companies. They are committed to giving investment managers exactly what they need.

KLD maintains the largest body of research available, and profiles companies applying both positive and negative social investing criteria. KLD presents its findings in formats specifically designed for investment portfolio managers.

Their consulting services help clients make more out of social investing. These clients include money managers, mutual funds, banks and pension funds.

On-Line Social Investment Database Service provides 24-hour computer access to data and analysis on the social records of over 800 publicly traded corporations. The 800 corporations consist of 700 large companies and 100 smaller companies with outstanding social stories.

Each KLD Review covers a company's strengths and failings in nine major social areas.

The nine issues of coverage:

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