Council on Economic Priorities (CEP) [no operative website at present, unfortunately]

"Alice Tepper Marlin founded this nonprofit public interest organization to research corporate social responsibility in 1969.
CEP publishes corporate reports, gives yearly corporate responsibility awards, started the Campaign for Cleaner Corporations and provides corporate social responsibility research for investors. CEP also provides Global corporate ratings, News Update Service, Corporate Environmental Data Clearinghouse (CEDC).

CEDC gathers and analyzes information on environmental policies and performance of individual corporations using a wide variety of researchers. CEP has SCREEN information reports providing the investment community with concise, comprehensive and unbiased information on a range of social and environmental issues. The SCREEN service also offers International Corporate Ratings - using its ties to similar organizations in other countries including the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan. This provides a truly global perspective to its corporate social responsibility research.
Each company's social performance is objectively measured in eleven issue areas summarized in CEP's unique rating system. Company performance is monitored throughout the year with changes noted in quarterly reports.

All of CEP's information covers a variety of issues:

CEP's research includes a database of over 700 companies. Included are the Standard & Poor's 500, smaller companies with exemplary records in social performance, major internationally-based companies, and a variety of British, German and Japanese companies.

CEP's monthly newsletter Research Reports presents some of the best research we've seen. Some of the topics covered have included:

The Council on Economic Priorities also publishes several books and guides:

For more information call or write: Council on Economic Priorities (CEP), 30 Irving Place, New York, NY 10003 Phone (212) 420-1133.

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