Witness Group

This site is the "home" of a group of Ottawa citizens forming teams of individuals from faith, union and civil society groups to protect the right to dissent by witnessing the actions and interactions of police and protesters. The site was created in 2002 and has recently had to be moved to a new internet server, so some of the links within pages here might not work. Updating of these links is ongoing. [28/10/09]

Note: Because many links and sub-links are dated, if you are not able to access a page, please edit the link by adding "homepages." before the link at the top line of your browser so that it reads "https:/homepages.web.net" instead of "https://web.ca"

For example, the url/location should read "https://homepages.web.net/~bthomson/geocities/witnessgroup/index.html" and not "https://web.ca/~bthomson/geocities/witnessgroup/index.html"

We can be reached by email at witnessottawa@groups.io

Press Advisories/Communiqu├ęs de press
Witness Group Reports
Second Annual Report, Ottawa Witness Group, November 6, 2003
Municipal Election 2003 Questionnaire
Background documents
Volunteer sign-up form
Whose Police? Our Police! A Teach-In on Citizen power & community control:  Ottawa, Canada -  Oct.3-5, 2003

Last updated: 28 October 2009